Whole Life is NOT a Good Financial Vehicle | Reaction Life180


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Whole Life is NOT a Good Financial Vehicle | Reaction Life180

Whole Life is often presented as a financial vehicle but the more we review, the more we can’t see how this fits into ANY financial plan. It’s expensive, produces terrible gains, but most importantly, it has an astronomical opportunity cost. Not to mention, everything that’s done in a whole life plan can be done by YOU for cheaply…or FREE!

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Disclaimer: Nothing in these videos is intended to be professional financial advice. This is for entertainment and educational purposes only. We hope to motivate the viewer into taking serious steps into improving their financial future, however, a licensed financial advisor should be consulted when ever necessary. The viewer assumes all financial risk on any endeavors they attempt.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:58 Start of Whole Life Dave Ramsey Video
  • 04:57 Basic Whole Life Illistration
  • 26:57 Breaking down the arguments against Whole Life 31:28 Showing graphs using the illustration’s own data
  • 44:25 Conclusion

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