Stock market free falling | The Wealthy Idiots Show

What’s the Market doing?



The economy continues to drop. Wild things are happening like Snap losing 50% of it’s value overnight! AJ explains what’s going on and what he plans on doing about it!

Snap took an almost 50% dive:

The S&P500 has been on a steady decline since late march:

Silicon chips come mostly from Taiwan:

Chairmen of the federal reserve continues to promise higher interest rate hikes:

Volker let interest rates get over 20%. His theory was that interest had to be above the rate of real inflation to curb leverage and level off prices:

Jerome Powell was praising Volker earlier this month and has since back tracked a bit stating that he doesn’t see signs of a wage, price spiral:


  • AJ Sheff

    After attempting college, AJ joined the Marine Corps. When he left active duty, he worked in retail for a few years before returning to college. Several years later AJ was awarded his Bachelor in Science in Computer Science. Soon after, AJ began working in the tech industry as a Junior Developer. AJ continues to work in tech, however, he began to cultivate a passion for personal finance. For AJ, the concepts began to click and he felt a need to help others understand how to be financially free. If AJ can do it, any Idiot can.


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