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Panic in the stock market, get in now!



On Monday, the stock market seemed to continue on the previous weeks’ losses, logging nearly a 2% loss. The stock market has continued to crash steadily since December, signally a struggling U.S. economy.

Stock market losses mounting since December

On December 31 of 2021, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sat at $36,385, compared to just $32,245 today, a sharp decline of nearly 11.4% in just 5 months. While you may be losing a little bit of sleep at night, you should remember that the market does occasionally dip, and this offers great buying opportunities.

Where to go from here

Well, in this Wealthy Idiots humble opinion, there is no better time than now to start investing in stocks. Don’t forget, the Dow was around $963 in 1980, so there’s been some pretty considerable growth over the past 42 years, and there is no real indication that it will subside. As you can see below, the stock market certainly trends up over time.

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Start investing for your future

I’m not going to tell you the stock market will go up tomorrow so you should invest today. This is unreasonable, and anyone giving this sort of advice should be examined for that sleezy life insurance salesman undercoating. Nonetheless, you should start investing early to give yourself the greatest amount of time in the market.


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