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Investing is scary



AJ reports how he gets nervous in the current market. Stocks are dropping, interest rates are being increased, a recession AND depression is likely on the way. What are we supposed to do?

Recession maybe depression:

  • We saw a decrease in GDP last quarter.
  • Biggest money print off during pandemic
  • Interest rates bumped half a percent, biggest bump since 2000.
  • Biggest stock market fall since the pandemic
  • China is still on their total lock down plan

Investing is scary

  • You can invest one day and the next day see the market dip even more
    • I stopped investing in 2008 for this reason
  • Leaving money in cash is worse
  • And having nothing at all is personally destructive
  • It’s not fun to see loses

Push through hard

  • What we are doing here, is fighting through that fear and going harder
  • People who bought houses in 2008 are wealthy today

“The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.”

Warren Buffett

“A market downturn doesn’t bother us. It is an opportunity to increase our ownership of great companies with great management at good prices.”

Warren Buffett

“You make most of your money in a bear market, you just don’t realize it at the time.”

Shelby Cullom Davis


  • AJ Sheff

    After attempting college, AJ joined the Marine Corps. When he left active duty, he worked in retail for a few years before returning to college. Several years later AJ was awarded his Bachelor in Science in Computer Science. Soon after, AJ began working in the tech industry as a Junior Developer. AJ continues to work in tech, however, he began to cultivate a passion for personal finance. For AJ, the concepts began to click and he felt a need to help others understand how to be financially free. If AJ can do it, any Idiot can.


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