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About Us

From a young age, we are taught terrible financial habits. As children, we’re impressionable and absorb all kinds of information, both good and bad. Whether you heard your father talking about his “money guy”, or saw the Jones family next door buying a brand new car every year, you absorbed some of this faulty information and will have to work hard to break free from it. Well, until now…

In 2020, two Marines founded The Wealthy Idiots. Neither, AJ Sheff or DC Poc left the Marine Corps knowing how to manage money. As they began to have families, they knew they needed to step up and learn as much as they can. They are extremely passionate about personal finance best practices and they can’t wait to teach you how meet your financial potential.

The concept is simple: introduce readers to valuable content that they can easily understand and apply to their own situation. You won’t find any articles that take 20 minutes to read and you won’t find finance calculators that take 30 seconds to load. What you will find is short, sweet, and straight-to-the-point personal finance information that can be applied immediately, and if committed to, can transform your personal finances.

The Founders

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Cartoon of D.C. Pic throwing money into the air

D.C. Poc

Founder and Lead Personal Finance Writer

D.C. joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. When he left active duty, after 5 years of service, he quickly earned a bachelors degree and an MBA. He got his first private sector job at a modest salary and quickly worked his way up through promotions. Once he started making decent money ($38k at the time) he quickly realized he needed to learn how to save to secure his future. After nearly ten years of research, he wants to share his knowledge and financial best practices so more people can become Wealthy Idiots!

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A.J. Sheff

Founder and Host of The Wealthy Idiots show

After attempting college, AJ joined the Marine Corp. When he left active duty, he worked in retail for a few years before returning to college. Several years later AJ was awarded his Bachelor in Science in Computer Science. Soon after, AJ began working in the tech industry as a Junior Developer. AJ continues to work in tech, however, he began to cultivate a passion for personal finance. For AJ, the concepts began to click and he felt a need to help others understand how to be financial free. If AJ can do it, any Idiot can.

Our Mission

The method is simple: we’ll give you the information that we find to be of greatest value and deliver it in a manner that doesn’t require a Ph.D. or finance degree to understand. Just a few of the topics we’ll cover are retirement, investing, social security, taxes, real estate, budgeting, and much more! By continuing to follow us here at Wealthy Idiots, you’ll be prepared to tackle financial dilemmas that leave the average person broke and in despair. You’ll not only understand personal finance, but our hope is that you gain a small (or big) passion for it which will fuel your desire to learn and improve!

We could write here for 20 minutes and tell you about our methodology and what we believe in, but honestly, we can sum it up in one paragraph. We are very passionate about personal finance. It is our strong belief that each person has the ability to transform their own financial picture. While it would be easy for us to tell you this is a “side hustle”, it’s not. Instead, it’s intertwined in our daily lives, whether it be through conversations with co-workers, reading the daily personal finance news, or watching human behaviors on a daily basis. We LOVE personal finance and want to do everything we can to share that passion with our readers! Welcome to Wealthy Idiots!